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Central Vacuum Attachment Sets

The attachment set you choose for your central vacuum should be based upon the amount of carpet and hardwoods you have in your home. Most attachment sets are universal and can be used with any existing valve. Homes with Vacuflo, Kenmore, & Budd inlet valves require brand specific attachment sets. We always recommend going with a higher quality universal attachment set such as the Beam Series, but we also carry more cost effective replacements.

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There are several different types of sets, which are used for different surfaces throughout the home. The central vacuum attachment set you choose use should be correlated with the type of flooring throughout the residence. The air turbine kit is perfect for those who have minimal carpet and a few area rugs. These types of units have an internal rotor which is powered by the suction of the central vacuum itself. This spinning rotor then drives a brush roll that grooms the carpeted surface. Although not as powerful as the electric power driven units, they are effective in homes that have a 80:20 ration of hard surfaces to carpets.

The electric power head kit is the most effective cleaning tool for your central vacuum, and is the most recommended in order to get the most out of your system. Like all modern portable vacuums, these types use an electric motor driven brush roll which maximizes your cleaning power and efficiency. The power head is driven by 110v electricity which is transferred through the hose. These types of kits are also the easiest to use because of the integrated switch within the handle. With this you are able to turn your machine and power head on and off.

The bare floor and garage central vacuum kits are essential for homeowners who have a large amount of hard surfaces within their residence. These kits come with all the proper cleaning accessories to eliminate dirt and dust from nearly every surface. The long, standard hoses are designed to fit within the universal inlet valve which is common throughout 95% of residences with central vacuums.

The vroom and spot by vroom are the most modern accessories on the central vacuum market today. These units, when hooked up to your central vacuum via pipe, contain an internal hose which is perfect for quick cleanups. They are most often located within a cabinet, or in the wall itself. You can maximize the effectiveness of your home cleaning system by using such tools as these.