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Central Vacuum Muffler

The central vacuum muffler quiets down a system to where it is hard to hear even when you are close to it. Perfect for any household with children, these mufflers make it able to vacuum even when there are people sleeping. These central vacuum accessories are universal and will fit on any unit. Simply connect it to the exhaust of the unit and hear the central vacuum quieted by up to 65%! If you have any questions about central vacuum mufflers, we have trained central vacuum technicians standing by take your calls on our toll free number.

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central vacuum muffler
Central Vacuum Muffler
List Price: $27.99
Direct Price: $18.95
Save $9.04!

Has central vacuum noise got your ears buzzing with frustration?  This Central Vacuum Muffler can be attached to the exhaust of your central vacuum and reduces the noise from your central vacuum by up to 60%!  Available from Central Vacuum Direct.