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Central Vacuum Help & Information

When a homeowner is looking to install or replace a central vacuum in their home, they are bombarded with a lot of new information and brands. To help you figure out which central vacuum is for you, we have provided you with a complete library of "How To" information on central vacuum systems.

Attention: Central Vacuum Systems are sold by authorized brick and mortar stores, & authorized internet dealers only. Central vacuums such as Canavac, Beam, Electrolux, Nutone, & other leading brands found on and have void warranties. All pricing on these auction websites are invalid, and against the dealer agreements.

What makes Central Vacuum Direct better than the rest?

First off we need to tell you what we DON’T do, to show why we are the best:

1) We do not mislead you with made up statistics on airwatts and suction power, all technical information is directly from the manufacturer, and can be found also on the manufacturers web page. Some of the other competitors on the web show some flashy gimmicks on airwatt comparison that are incorrect. If you tried to find the technical information on the actual manufacturers website though, you would conveniently find that the models do not even exist.

2) We do not mislead you on the warranty for our central vacuum systems. Certain companies on the web like to state a “limited lifetime warranty*” with an asterisk at the end. Little does the consumer know that this lifetime warranty only covers the power unit body, and not the motor and electrical components. We inform the customer of the motor and electrical warranty, as well as if the company offers a lifetime warranty on the power unit body. As with technical data, all warranty information is taken direct from the manufacturer.

3) We do not believe in shady sales tactics that sell you on a central vacuum that cannot be found anywhere else and can only be purchased from us. The advantage of purchasing from central vacuum direct is our unbeatable service and direct prices.

So give us a call toll free at 1-855-649-7996, we’re open Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm CST.

What is important when I’m trying to pick out my central vacuum?

The two most important things you should be mindful of when purchasing your new central vacuum should be Airwatts & Warranty. The airwatts on a central vacuum system are the best representation of suction power that you will be able to find. The airwatts is a statistic that consists of two separate numbers, the cfm & water lift. Airwatts are the best representation of how much suction a central vacuum has. Central Vacuum direct ALWAYS displays manufacturers statistics on airwatts (unlike some of our competitors who like to make up numbers). Whenever possible, we provide a link to the manufacturers website in order for you to verify the information stated on our product descriptions.

The Warranty on a new central vacuum should also be taken into consideration. Your central vacuum is an appliance that should last, so always go with a power unit that has an excellent warranty. A central vacuum should list two warranties, the limited lifetime warranty on the power unit body (standard throughout the industry) and motor and electrical warranty. The motor and electrical warranty is the important one. Some retailers do not like to list the motor and electrical warranty, and simply state the unit has a limited lifetime warranty. This is misleading to the consumer and does not properly inform them about the product.

Which central vacuum is the most popular and why?

Canavac central vacuum systems are currently the most popular on the market. This is due to the fact that compared apples to apples against any other central vacuum, they offer the strongest suction and best warranty at the best price. Canavac central vacuums are the only brand on the market to offer an unrivaled 20 year motor and electrical warranty, paired with a lifetime limited warranty on the power unit body. They are also the only brand to use the new and improved infinity motors from lamb-ametek (the manufacturer of the majority of central vacuum motors). The new infinity line of motors have a high efficiency fan system, an enhanced cooling system, and an extended life carbon brush system. This enables them to be rated for more than 1,500+ hours of use.

Rather than tell you about canavac central vacuums though, take a look at the facts. Here is a listing of all central vacuums and their associated statistics. Dollar for dollar you cannot find a better value than Canavac.

Note: All trademarks shown are registered and owned by their respective owners. Central Vacuum Direct does not own these trademarks and does not affiliate themselves with these companies, but merely presents information from the manufacturers website for comparison.

What comes in the whole central vacuum installation kit?

If you are looking to install a central vacuum in your new construction home, or as an afterthought in your current home, there are whole package solutions available to you. All of the central vacuum packages include everything you need to install your central vac and more. They will consists of a power unit, attachment set, all pipe and fittings, glue, low voltage wire, etc. Shop with the peace of mind that you’re able to get everything you need in one stop.

Here is the link to whole central vacuum packages, simple choose your unit and the accessories you would like:

How powerful of a central vacuum do I need in my home?

When you have been in the central vacuum industry as long as we have, you start to have sense of which central vacuums work best in different size homes. As a standard rule of thumb in the industry, you should take the size of your home, double it, then find a central vacuum that is rated up to that square footage. This ensures the homeowner that they are getting enough suction in the home despite the long runs of central vacuum tubing.

What is the difference between the inlet valves?

Essentially there are two different types of inlet valves that you can choose to put in your home. There are electric inlet valves which have high and low voltage running straight to them, and low voltage valves which only have the low voltage wires running to them. With the electric inlet valves, you do not need to plug in any extension cord to provide power to your power head. With the low voltage valves there will be a 6 ft. pigtail extension cord off the side to plug into a normal electrical outlet.

What are the latest accessories to come to the central vacuum market?

There are several innovations in the central vacuum industry that have just recently come out. These new and exciting features (yes, we are vacuum nerds) enable the homeowner to clean more efficiently and faster, leaving you with more time to do what you love best. Here are a few of the new options:

Wally Flex: The new wallyflex is an integrated hose that hangs right on your wall. With its extendable length, you are able to pick it up and clean whenever you’d like, without lugging out your larger central vacuum hose. People are finding very interesting uses for these new hoses, but most often they are located in the mudroom or laundry room.
To check out the new wallyflex system, click:

Doc It: The new doc it system from canavac is revolutionary. The system integrates a 50 ft. hose that is actually installed right in between you’re the studs of your current or soon to be wall. It has a motorized withdrawal system which enables you to bring your hose out with the push of a button. Talk about ease of use!
To check out the new doc it system, click:

What should I be worried about when shopping for central vacuums?

When shopping on the internet you should always beware of who you are buying from. Some sites out there simply put up misleading and incorrect information that cannot be verified by a manufacturer or any other retailer. We’ve seen a lot of customers get “suckered” into purchasing sub-par equipment with return policies that aren’t honored. When you go with central vacuum direct you know there is an honest person on the other end of the transaction, with a large amount of knowledge about central vacuums and the central vacuum industry. Feel like testing us? Give us a call on our toll free number 1-855-649-7996, we’re open from 9-5 pm central standard time.

What is the difference between the attachment kits, and which ones are the highest quality?

There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the attachment kits that go along with your central vacuum. 98% of central vacuum inlet valves are universal and can be used with any central vacuum kit, regardless of the brand of your unit. The only time you may run into trouble is if your dealing with vacuflo valves. When we recommend an attachment kit to our customers, we always go with beam. Beam central vacuum has been around for over 60 years, and makes a high quality and price concious kit for every home.

You can find beam attachment kits here: