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Central Vacuum Installation Parts

Trying to install a central vacuum system within your home? We carry a full line of installation parts to keep your project going. Shop for products like Pipe, Fittings, Inlet Valves, Mufflers, Vacpans & More. If you need a full installation kit, simply click on the sets with pipe or no pipe. To include a power unit and attachment set, go to the Central Vacuum Kit section.

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There are several different parts needed to install and pipe a central vacuum within a residential home or business. The central vacuum pipe , made of polyvinylchloride (PVC), is similar to plumbing pipe but has thinner walls. The standard central vacuum pipe is 2 inches wide in diameter, allowing the installer to easily place the pipe within walls and other tight areas. It is also possible to use standard plumbing pipe for your system. This plumbing pipe will not fit on the universal inlet valves or any other fittings without an adapter though.

The fittings are designed specifically for this 2 inch piping. Central vacuum fittings are very similar to plumbing fittings. They have the standard 45 degree, 90 degree, TY, and other assorted types.
It is stressed that when installing a system it is important to minimize the number of tight 90 degree angle elbows throughout the home. Tight 90 should only be used when connecting to an inlet valve that is installed in the wall. This way you are automatically minimizing points where the unit could become clogged.

Other optional central vacuum installation parts include the safety release valve (SRV) and the Vacpan kits. The safety release valve is installed near the intake of the power unit and minimizes the risk of the motor being choked when there is a clog in the system. The valve will open when there is a clog which is causing the motor to work harder and possibly shutdown.

The central vacuum vacpan is one of the most convenient accessories available for homes. Installed within the cabinet base or any other convenient area, you are able to sweep dirt and dust into it without using a hose. Most people who choose to use a vacpan have them installed in the kitchen and laundry room.