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Central Vacuum Accessories

The accessories that are used with your central vacuum system are what make it useful and efficient. Easily shop for crevice tools, dusting brushes, pet attachments, upholstery tools, mufflers & more! We pride ourselves on providing our customers with one of the largest selections of central vacuum accessories on the internet.

The different types of central vacuum accessories that are on the market today are each designed in order to maximize the ease of use and efficiency of your system. While these units provide the most suction power compared to any other vacuum, they would be deemed useless without the wide range of accessories that can be used. Manufacturers are coming up with different types of tools to make your cleaning time shorter without leaving dust throughout the home.

Some of these new exciting central vacuum accessories include the hand power brushes and the hose management systems. New to the market, the hose management system stores your central vacuum hose within the wall itself. This eliminates the need to store the hose within a utility closet or garage. The 50 ft. length on the internally managed hose gives you the ability to clean just as large of a radius as before without going valve to valve.

The hand power brushes are also new to the market and give the homeowner a great option for cleaning stairs and other upholstery. The electrically driven brush roll acts as a mini power head which can be held in your hand. The stiff bristles and motor driven ability give it the power you need to clean up pet hair and other debris from areas that are not power head friendly. Some of the most common central vacuum accessories that have been around for 30+ years are being adapted to give the homeowner more usability.

The common crevice tool is now offered in several different styles, one of which is flexible in order to clean inside dryer vents and other areas that are not easily accessible. The once simple upholstery brush now contains electrostatic pads which electrically charge pet hair when cleaning it. This causes the pet hair to be removed with ease. There are even specialty accessories that are used only with certain brands. Beam central vacuum systems utilize special connections on their hoses and attachment sets. You can find these in the accessories section above. You should be aware though that there are only a few brands that will use the special attachments, so make sure it looks similar to yours before purchasing.

Hose socks are now a common central vacuum accessory that most homeowners did not previously know about. Made of nylon, cotton, and polyester mix of fibers, these hose covers save walls and corners from being damaged by dragging your hose. They can be easily installed at a minimum expense.
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