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Central Vacuum Motors

The motor is the heart and soul of your home cleaning system. Central Vacuum Direct makes it easy to find the central vacuum motor. We carry all single and dual stage replacements for the majority of central vacuums. Simply click on your central vacuum system brand and choose the appropriate model, scroll down and the motor will be available for purchase.

The central vacuum motor is what creates the suction for a central vacuum. It is usually located inside the housing on the top of the machine, though a few brands install it in the bottom. It creates the suction by making a vacuum within the housing of the machine. As debris from your carpet rushes into the replace the displaced air, suction is created and you have the ability to clean your home.

There are two major types of central vacuums in the industry. The first is a filtered unit and uses a motor bypass system. The vacuum is created in the suction chamber, and air & debris flows into it without going through the actual motor itself. The second type is a cyclonic unit, these type use cyclonic technology to separate the dirt and send it to the dustbin. They tend to send 3-7% of dust particles through the actual motor itself, decreasing the life of the motor over time. Because these units expel dust through the exhaust, they must always be vented to the outside of the home.

Systems can either use one or two central vacuum motors. For the average home a dual system is overkill and does not increase cleaning efficiency. A single motor system is used in 90 percent of homes. These industrial strength motors are made to last 15+ years without needing to be replaced. For homes that are larger than 10,000 sq. ft. a dual motor system is available. The dual motor system doubles the suction power and allows the unit to maintain its efficiency throughout the entire home.

Tips to extend the life of your central vacuum motor:
- NEVER use your system to clean up fine particulates such as drywall dust. These types of debris can either clog the filter or choke the motor itself causing it to burn up.
- Regularly empty the dustbin of your system, this way there is less strain put on the system itself.

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