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BEAM RugMaster Plus Powerhead BEAM RugMaster Plus Powerhead [045389]

The BEAM RugMaster Plus central vacuum powerhead will stand up to even the most demanding jobs. This design has been proven throughout the years to be one of the most dependable and economic central vacuum powerhead choices.

Important Note: This powerhead is on an extended backorder from the manufacturer. We will fulfill orders as soon as the item is available in the order in which they were received.

List Price: $279.95
Direct Price: $179.95
Save $100.00!
HP CX1000 Power nozzle HP CX1000 Power Nozzle Kit

Upgrade your central vacuums performance today with the CX1000 battery operated power nozzle. This rechargeable powerhead will fit on all 1-1/4" central vacuum attachments and provides an extra boost for carpet cleaning. Great for all modern carpeting and ideal for Hide A Hose systems. Buy it today at Central Vacuum Direct.

List Price: $545.99
Direct Price: $498.95
Save $47.04!
wessel-werk ebk360qdc powerhead Wessel-Werk EBK360QDC Power Head

The EBK360 Power Nozzle is Wessel-Werks solution for the new Ultra Plush and Frieze carpeting. This power nozzle can clean all types of modern and traditional carpeting. The bright LED light, 5 position height adjustment, and belt/motor protection system make this an excellent choice for your carpet cleaning needs. Available at Central Vacuum direct.

List Price: $279.95
Direct Price: $234.95
Save $45.00!