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Filtex FX400 Motor


SB200L FX5000 TSP300LR (6.5)  
SB300L FX5800 TSP300LR (7.0)  
S300L FX6000 TX300  
S300LR FX7000 B300BL  
S300LB FX8000 B300L  
S300 TC600L (120) NSB200  
F500 TC600L (240) NTS300  
FX100A TS300 NTS300A  
FX400 TS300L (6.5) NTM825  
FX500A TS300L (7.0) NTC600  
FX675 TS300LR (6.5) NTC600A  
FX675A TS300LR (7.0) NTSP700  
FX725 TSP300 (6.5) ZX5800  
FX775 TSP300 (7.0) ZX6000  
FX900 TSP700L ZX7000  
FX2000 TSP300A ZX8000  
FX3000 TSP300L (6.5) 800  
FX4000 TSP300L (7.0) 275-A  

We're sorry this motor may no longer be available or might have another part number.


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