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PowerStar Central Vacuum | Central Vacuum System Builder

For over 50 years PowerStar has been manufacturing quality central vacuum systems. They are known industry wide for producing high performance cleaning systems. The innovative and cutting edge PowerStar central vacuum units offer excellent filtration and are made in the USA. Our rule of thumb to ensure that you get a system that has great suction is to go with a system recommended for twice the square footage of your home. Doing this will provide excellent suction from point A - Z, accommodates for basements, and will be able to handle additions in the future.
How To Build Your Central Vacuum System
First find your preferred PowerStar central vacuum unit below and select based on square footage
Next customize and build your central vacuum system.
Add your determined number of valve kits (1 valve per 675 square foot) with or without pipe
Add Vacpan kits to make kitchen clean-ups a breeze and get the most out of your new system
Venting Outside? Make life easy and get an outside vent kit
Choose your attachment set based on your flooring needs, hose length, and protect your walls and furniture with a hose sock
Add a
garage cleaning kit
to utilize your central vacuum system to the fullest
Have questions on which PowerStar central vacuum system is right for you? Call us toll free at (855)-649-7996 to have one of our staff help guide you through.
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powerstar PS405  central vacuum Powerstar PS405 Central Vacuum

The Powerstar PS405 is small but powerful. This 120V unit is capable of cleaning homes up to 3,000 square feet. This unit has 500 air watts of power and comes with 3 year manufacturers warranty and uses disposable bags.

List Price: $447.95
Direct Price: $399.95
Save $48.00!
powerstar PS505  central vacuum Powerstar PS505 Central Vacuum

The Powerstar PS505 is highly efficient for 120V applications, delivers 550 Air Watts of power, and is rated for 4,000 square foot homes. This bagless unit comes with a 5 year warranty and has a self cleaning filter.

List Price: $630.95
Direct Price: $519.95
Save $111.00!
powerstar PS805  central vacuum Powerstar PS805 Central Vacuum

The Powerstar PS805 central vacuum system delivers 640 air watts of power. With a 5 year warranty this 120V unit is Hybrid so you may use it with or without bags. Build your central vacuum system with us today.

List Price: $996.95
Direct Price: $949.95
Save $47.00!
powerstar PS705  central vacuum Powerstar PS705 Central Vacuum

The Powerstar PS705 is comparable to the Beam SC375 and is Powerstar's most popular model. Cleaning up to 7,000 square feet and delivers 600 air watts of power. With a 5 year warranty it offers years of reliable high-performance cleaning for your home.

List Price: $810.95
Direct Price: $729.00
Save $81.95!