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Attachment Sets By Brand

The Central Vacuum Attacthment set is essential part of your central vacuum system, and there is a wide range of quality within the manufacturers. When choosing a Attachment Set, you should pay attention to what type of conection you need for your home and what type of tools you want to use on your flooring. You can choose an electric power nozzle or air turbine or just a bare floor brush. If you are unsure please call for more information.

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Attachment sets offers cleaning power with non-motorized and motorized accessories. Most attachment sets come with a convenient assortment of popular attachments such as but not limited too:

The hoses:
Are ether 30-35 foot long, (can be longer) low voltage electric-pig-tail electric direct-connect and all are crush proof. (with a crush proof, the hose springs back to retain its original state) if it is accidentally stepped on or caught in a door. This ensures a longer lasting hose life.

Electric Power Nozzle:
Allows cleaning of high pile carpeting and throw rugs. These powerful electric nozzles spin a beater bar to loosen up tough dirt and grim from your carpeting.

Air Turbine Brush:
Uses the airflow of the Central Vacuum System to remove dirt without the need for an electrical plug

Premium Twist & Turn floor brush:
Wide head and natural hair bristles provides better dusting and edge to edge cleaning. The wide head allows you to cover more surface area

Pet brush:
Soft and flexible bristles is ideal for gently brushing you pets; give your pets a quick brush while collecting the hair right into the vacuum.

Adjustable-ratcheting wand:
Extends to give you the perfect reach for high ceilings or cabinets so you can easily clean tall draperies or dust cabinet tops

Hard plastic dusting brush:
Soft natural hair bristles provides gentle cleaning for delicate surfaces

Upholstery tool:
Natural bristles to deep clean fabric and furniture by sucking up hidden dirt, pet dander, and other allergens to maintain a clean and healthy home

Crevice tool:
Reach into tight spaces; notched end ensures uninterrupted performance and continuous
air flow

Fabric hose sock:
Protects the vacuum hose and will prevent scratching the corners of walls and marking furniture as you move around the room, so you dont have to move furniture or worry about walls

Metal hose hanger:
keeps the hose in one place

Most central vacuum systems are universal and can use a standard hose. We offer Attachment Sets By Brand to show what hoses will fit your system. If you are not sure of what hose your system uses. Please call are toll free number.

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Beam 012121 EZ Grip Cleaning Set Precision 35 Beam 012121 EZ Grip Cleaning Set Precision 35
List Price: $667.00
Direct Price: $630.00
Save $37.00!
Beam 012120 EZ Grip Cleaning Set Precision 30 Beam 012120 EZ Grip Cleaning Set Precision 30
List Price: $647.00
Direct Price: $600.00
Save $47.00!
Sebo Ultimate Power Team Premium Power Team with Sebo ET-2 Power Nozzle
List Price: $699.95
Direct Price: $599.95
Save $100.00!
beam serenity plus power team Beam Serenity Plus Power Team
List Price: $639.00
Direct Price: $591.00
Save $48.00!
lindhaus pb14 powerteam Lindhaus PB14 Power Team
List Price: $649.00
Direct Price: $569.00
Save $80.00!
Beam Q 012123 carpet kit 35 Beam Q 012123 carpet kit 35
List Price: $647.00
Direct Price: $559.95
Save $87.05!
wessel werk chateau power team Wessel-Werk Chateau Power Team
List Price: $649.95
Direct Price: $549.95
Save $100.00!
lindhaus pb12 power team Lindhaus PB12 Power Team
List Price: $629.00
Direct Price: $549.00
Save $80.00!
Canavac 020486 Deluxe  Soft Clean Attachment Set Canavac 020486 Deluxe Soft Clean Attachment Set 35
List Price: $699.95
Direct Price: $529.95
Save $170.00!