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Beam Central Vacuum Repair

Any appliance that gets regular use is going to have problems and will eventually have to undergo maintenance. This is true even with beam central vacuums as they endure many hours of continuous use in your household. Many of the problems with the vacuums can be handled by the homeowner if they know the proper way to go about fixing it. A beam central vacuum repair should almost always be done by a VDTA certified repair technician, although if someone is particularly handy then it can be possible for them to correctly perform a central vacuum repair on the power unit and/or other various accessories themselves.

Here are some things that can go wrong with the beam vacuums and how you should go about locating the problem and fixing it.

1) You beam vacuum is not turning off

When your beam central vacuum is not turning off this is most likely a problem with the central printed circuit board (pc board) that is located within the housing of the power unit. The beam circuit board is what controls the electronics of the machine, regulates the motor speed, and adjust the electricity flow to the motor. The pc board on your beam also has the input for the low voltage wiring which turns the central vac on and off. The low voltage wiring basically acts as a switch, and when this switch is engaged the unit is turned on and suction power is present. If the beam central vacuum is not turning off there is most likely a problem with the circuit boards wiring which is essentially holding that low voltage circuit open. To fix this situation you will have to replace the circuit board in the machine, and possibly the replace the circuit breaker.

2) Your Beam vacuum is not turning on

When your beam central vacuum is not turning on this could be due to a number of problems. The first thing you should do is try to manually turn the machine on by using the switch on the upper left hand side. This switch bypasses the low voltage electrical and should turn the power unit on. If this manual switch does turn the unit on, then there is most likely a problem with your hose.

If the manual switch does not turn the power unit on then your problem is most likely located in the circuit board or the motor. If there is a burning smell coming from the central vacuum motor then your probable cause is a burnt up motor and it will have to be replaced. The other problem could be a short in the circuit board, in which this would also have to be replaced. The only way to test the motor would be to bypass the PC board. This is not recommended to be done by anyone except a trained central vacuum technician. If your motor is turns on but cannot be manually turned on by the switch, then you will have to replace the PC board of the central vacuum. You can find all of the beam PC boards in the Beam central vacuum parts section.

3)Your beam central vacuum has no suction

If your built in beam central vac has no suction, this is most likely due to a clog in the hose or the pipe that runs throughout your home. To test whether or not it is in the hose you should try to turn on an inlet valve without the hose in. If there is adequate suction at this valve then there is a problem inside the hose itself. If there is not adequate suction, then you most likely have a clog somewhere in the central vacuum pipe. You can locate the clog by doing an analysis of the suction at all of your inlet valves. Do this by test the suction at each valve and determining whether or not the clog is in that pipe. Once you have located the pipe where your clog is you will have to use something to remove it. This can be very tough, so we recommend contacting a beam central vacuum repair company to help you out.

4) Your Beam Hose will not turn the vacuum on

This is due to a short in either the switch harness of your Beam hose, or a short within the low voltage wiring that runs internally along the length of the hose. Most of the time it will be a short in the switch harness assembly that is going to cause you this particular problem. Although it could be the actual hose needing to be replaced. The switch harness is very easy to replace and is similar across the different styles of beam hoses that are available. All of the switch harnesses can be found under hose parts in the central vacuum parts section.

5) Your Beam Power head will not turn on when you turn the switch.

When your power head will not turn on, then your Beam central vacuum repair most likely needs to be done on the integrated wiring rather than the power nozzle itself. You can tell what is wrong with the power supply by checking the prongs that plug into the power head, and into the beam hose handle. If these prongs seems to be burnt, or are not showing their metallic sheen, then this is most likely the problem. Sometimes the electrical connections can succumb to either oxidation, or they may burn out. If either of these are the problem then you just need to replace this wiring to get your power head working again. If all of your wiring seems to be OK it is probably time to replace the power head with a new one.