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Purpose:  The Vac-Valve is designed to protect your central vacuum system from damage caused by blockage.
The Vac-Valve comes fully assembled and ready for use.  However, it is important to install the Vac-Valve properly in order to receive the full protection it was designed to provide.
Installation Instructions:
1) The Vac-Valve should be installed into a sweep 90 tee connection prior to where the pipe enters the central vacuum unit . The valve can sit either horizontally or vertically, as position does not affect its operation.  Please ensure the Vac-Valve is mounted securely regardless of its position.
2) The Vac-Valve must be set for the size of the motor in order for it to provide the proper protection.  To set the Vac-Valve, tighten the adjuster nut to compress the spring to point where the valve will not open when the air flow is cut off 100%.
3) Once you reach the point where the Vac-Valve will not open, turn the adjuster nut back 1 complete turn (360 degrees).  This setting will usually allow the Vac-Valve to open and provide cooling air into the system if a blockage occurs.  Sometimes a turn of 360 degrees may not be sufficient to open the Vac-Valve & allow cooling air to enter – so make minor adjustments moving the nut up & down until you reach the point where the Vac-Valve opens when the air flow is cut off 100%.
4) The Vac-Valve should remain closed if the central vacuum is operating normally.  The Vac-Valve should ONLY open when there is insufficient air flow to the central vacuum unit.
5) The Vac-Valve is equipped with a lock nut which should be set against the adjuster nut.  This will ensure that the Vac-Valve’s tension setting remains constant.  The Vac-Valve is designed to be maintenance free and will provide many years of trouble free operation.