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Smart Home Options

Here is where you can easily find the smartest and most useful upgrades to bring your Central Vacuum experience to the next level! These upgrades will make cleaning and maintaining your home a breeze. From Hose Socks to Separators, Vacpans to Interceptors Central Vacuum Direct has your needs covered.

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outside vent cap white Outside Vent Cap White

Vent your central vacuum outside with the well made outside vent. Comes with mounting screws. Product dimensions: 4-3/4" x 3-5/8"

List Price: $5.02
Direct Price: $4.37
Save $0.65!
vac-valve air relief system Vac-Valve Air Relief System black only

The Vac-Valve Air Relief System is designed to protect your central vacuum system from damage caused by blockage. It is an important part of your central vacuum system. If something gets caught in the central vacuum tubing this valve will open allowing your central vacuum to run with needed airflow.  Get it now from Central Vacuum Direct.

List Price: $15.67
Direct Price: $12.99
Save $2.68!
Central Vacuum Hepa Filter Cartridge Central Vacuum Hepa Filter Cartridge

Replacement HEPA filter cartridge for central vacuum systems. To be used with the HFC9 HEPA filtration system. Replace every year for optimum filtration.

List Price: $29.95
Direct Price: $24.95
Save $5.00!
Deluxe Sound Off Muffler Deluxe Sound Off Muffler

Installing the Deluxe Sound off Muffler is the quickest and most economical way to reduce power unit noise by up to 50%. Installation hardware included. Fits most central vacuum units with 2" exhaust.

List Price: $34.95
Direct Price: $24.95
Save $10.00!
White Central Vacuum Vacpan Vacpan White for any Central Vacuum

Crumbs and dust don't stand a chance when you have a central vacuum vacpan installed. Place the vacpan in any convenient spot throughout your home. It can be installed in the base of cabinets and many other places. Sweep debris straight into it and watch it disappear!

List Price: $42.95
Direct Price: $27.95
Save $15.00!
fire stop pipe collar 2" Fire Stop Pipe Collar 2"

Designed to stop fire in between vacuum pipes, this 2" Fire Stop Pipe Collar is great protection from the hazards of fire in your central vacuum system.   Available from Central Vacuum Direct.

List Price: $49.95
Direct Price: $39.95
Save $10.00!
White LED Vacpan White LED Vacpan

White Vacpan kit with under-counter LED lights. Kit includes Vacpan and pivoting 90 degree fitting to fit into new or existing central vacuum systems. Available from Central Vacuum direct.

List Price: $59.95
Direct Price: $43.95
Save $16.00!
20586 Exhaust HEPA Filter HFC9 Exhaust HEPA Filtration System

Made from the finest materials, this top quality exhaust HEPA Filter has a charcoal membrane.

List Price: $79.95
Direct Price: $44.95
Save $35.00!
30 ft central vacuum hose sock 30 ft. Quilted Hose Sock

Protect your walls and furniture with this 30 ft. Quilted Hose Sock!  The quilted material acts as a barrier between your central vacuum hose and walls while still maintaining the vacuums ease of use.  The premium material is padded enough to protect any of your valuable furniture.  Get it today from Central Vacuum Direct!

List Price: $59.95
Direct Price: $46.95
Save $13.00!
central vacuum Can- sweep white White Central Vacuum Can Sweep

With easy operation and horizontal rear outlet,  installation is made

List Price: $53.00
Direct Price: $49.95
Save $3.05!
ICC211 Interceptor Vacu-Maid 10 Gallon Interceptor

The Vacu-Maid Interceptor is a wonderful addition for any Central Vacuum System that is used commercially or frequently. The Vacu-Maid ICC211 Interceptor from Central Vacuum Direct will collect the large debris being picked up before going to the main unit for collection. This will conserve on bag usage, and prolong the life of the filter. Perfect for Salons, Veterinary Clinics, and Workshops.

List Price: $169.95
Direct Price: $149.95
Save $20.00!
Vroom Central 18" Hose Management System Vroom Central 18 foot Hose Management System

When you need to clean something up in a hurry, Vroom is your answer. From cat litter to the babies first spill you can pick it all up with the Vroom hose management system. Vacuum lint off your cloths before leaving your home or clean the interior of your car like you're at the car wash with Vrooms optional tools and attachment sets. Vroom is the total cleaning solution.

Kit Includes:

Vroom hose management system with 18 foot of hose, floor/rug tool, and adjustable wand.

List Price: $189.67
Direct Price: $159.95
Save $29.72!
canavac cyclonic separator Canavac Cyclonic Separator

If you're looking to clean up larger particles and debris and want to eliminate bags and costly filters, the Canavac cyclonic separator is what you need. This non-powered cyclonic separator attaches to your existing central vacuum unit and collects dirt with cyclonic filtering. Perfect for hair salons, pet grooming, or anywhere large debris needs to be cleaned up fast and completely.

List Price: $299.95
Direct Price: $249.95
Save $50.00!