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Central Vacuum Industrial Units

Looking to install a system within a large office building or hospital? Industrial central vacuum systems are able to run multiple valves at once and adjust suction power when needed. Created specifically for large building application, these units are made with the highest quality components available. It is highly recommended you contact a sales consultant when considering an industrial vacuum system.

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The Industrial central vacuum unit is manufactured specifically for those with large operating facilities such as industrial warehouses, production plants, hospitals, & other buildings 15,000+ square feet. These units use variable suction technology that is capable of adjusting the suction power depending on what is needed. For example, If the unit was being used on the third floor for cleaning, and someone plugged a hose into the inlet on the first floor it would not dilute the suction power. The motor would increase airflow to compensate and therefore give you multilevel cleaning ability.

The plans for a unit are done by an engineer in coordination with the builder. A local installer or contractor is then used to install the system according to the plans provided. This way the system is installed correctly within the building.

The central vacuum unit consists of a separate motor which creates the suction and a dust collection chamber. Because commercial appliances endure a lot of stress, this separate assembly makes it possible to easily replace parts as needed.

If you are thinking on purchasing an industrial central vacuum unit for your large building application you can contact us at our toll free phone number above.