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Central Vacuum Pet Accessories

Pet accessories for your central vacuum are one of the most sought after. Used to groom your pets, or simply to pick up pet hair using an electrostatic charge, these different central vacuum accessories will change the way you clean your home. Why spend more money the dog groomer when you can use the dog grooming pet attachment? The electric hand brush is perfect for stairs and other areas where pet hair tends to collect. If you have any questions about pet accessories for your central vacuum, give us a call at our toll free number.

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topdog groomer TopDog Groomer
List Price: $35.62
Direct Price: $29.95
Save $5.67!
top vac petite pet groomer Top Vac Petite Pet Groomer
List Price: $35.62
Direct Price: $29.95
Save $5.67!
pet power paw attachment Central Vacuum Pet Power Paw Attachement
List Price: $24.95
Direct Price: $19.95
Save $5.00!
sofa tool 9 inch Sofa Tool
List Price: $15.95
Direct Price: $13.49
Save $2.46!