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Central Vacuum Reviews & Ratings

When you are looking to purchase a new central vacuum, things can sometimes get confusing. There is a lot of information & brands out there and this can easily confuse the average homeowner. In order to remedy the situation, the tech support team at central vacuum direct has put together information about central vacuum reviews & ratings to help you make an educated decision on what to purchase. We strongly believe in the motto an educated customer is the best customer philosophy. When a customer finds the best possible central vac or central vacuum parts for their system, then they will be happy with their purchase and be a repeat customer for life!

The first few things that every homeowner should look at when considering a central vacuum in their home is the strength of the manufacturer & the warranty the company provides to support their product. A central vacuum should last a homeowner a long time, and should be backed by an inclusive warranty which will cover various internal components such as the circuit board and electric motor. When you have these specific parts covered by a long warranty you have the peace of mind that in the event of a power surge, or through something no fault of your own, then your unit will be covered and repaired easily at the most minimal cost to the homeowner.

Here are a couple of the basics that determine the strength, durability, and other functions of a built-in vacuum system.

The Motor:

The motor of your central vac is going to provide the suction power and is the most important component overall. Not all motors are created equally though, and some reviews may be misleading as they provide you with the airwatts the motor creates, but not the overall manufacturing quality and other specifications which work to create the suction of the vacuum. Here is a listing of the different motors used in central vacuums today.

The Flow-thru Motor (bad):

This motor is most commonly used in cheap and cost efficient central vacuums. It is extremely important to filter these types of motors to insure that clean air is put into the motor itself, leading to high maintenance costs. This motor is designed to be used in actual canister & upright vacuums, and not really for central vacuums sytems. Sometimes these motors are combined into dual motor systems to give the illusion of a lot of power.

The Peripheral Bypass Motor (not great):

This particular motor is better than the flow-thru, as it utilizes a cooling fan which takes in clean air into the motor system. These motors are typically found in low end units that are made for larger homes. The integrated motors have enough power to give you a lot of airwatts but are overall not the best quality.

The Tangential Bypass Motor (better):

These are more expensive motors that are commonly used in higher end equipment such as beam, vacuflo, & MD. These motors use a cooling system to bring in fresh cool air, while also removing the heated exhaust to minimize the stress put on the system. In turn this enables to the motor to last longer and have a much better durability rating.

The Infinity Tangential Bypass Motor (the absolute best!):

These motors are the most expensive for a manufacturer to use, and are also the highest quality. They untilize the tangential bypass motor system, but also integrate a new and unique cooling system with a carbon brush system that lasts 2x as long as the closest competitor. Currently Canavac is the only manufacturer to Utilize these new infinity motors, and therefore are able to offer the best warranty in the business (20 years).

The Warranty:

The Warranty is the second most important factor when choosing your unit. Central Vacs can be an expensive investment and you want to get the most for your money. You will find that the majority of manufacturers use a 5-10 year warranty period to cover your motor and electrical components & a lifetime warranty on the power unit body. Be careful though, as some retailers try to pass the lifetime warranty off as the warranty that you receive. Dishonest retailers may put the warranty as lifetime* and have a footnote stating that the motor and electrical warranty are different. Currently the longest warranty on motor and electrical components is the 20 year warranty on the Canavac XLS models, and the 15 year warranty on the Canavac LS models.

The Outer Housing:

When it comes to the outer housing of the machine, always choose one which is rust resistant and all steel. These are the strongest and most durable of any units. A new fad in the industry is to create plastic units, this simply lowers manufacturers costs directly and does not provide the homeowner with any direct benefit.

Soon we will be posting other reviews that will be current to certain manufacturers and the models they have. Stay tuned!

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