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Vacuflo Central Vacuum Hose

Looking for a replacement VacuFlo hose for your central vacuum system? We carry the largest online selection of VacuFlo central vacuum hoses and accessories. VacuFlo systems are installed with either the VacuFlo style valve, or a universal valve. If you have VacuFlo valve please choose the central vacuum hose that is made to fit with that valve. If you have a universal hose then you can choose any of the universal hoses below. If you are not sure which valve you have, please feel free to contact us toll free at our number above. Our VDTA certified technicians will be able to help you choose the proper replacement hose for you.

Electric Direct ConnectElectric Pig tail EndLow VoltageStandardVacuflo Electric valvevacuflo On OffHose Parts

A vacuflo hose is going to be a little different than your standard central vacuum hose because they are designed to be used with a proprietary vacuflo style inlet valve. These inlets valves use a special low voltage connection, which is different from the standard universal valves which are used in most homes today. A standard universal valve will incorporate two low voltage connections which are located within the round insert of the inlet valve. These typically come into contact with a metal plate or metal ring that is around the round part which goes into the valve. This low voltage is what turns your vacuum on and off, but does not power the power head.

On a vacuflo style hose it will not have these metal plates or a metal ring to turn the power unit on and off. Vacuflo Hoses will have two metal pins above the round part of the hose insert that are approximately inch apart from one another. These two metal pins will plug into two inserts on the inlet valve, and are used to turn the unit on and off.
You can tell if you have a vacuflo hose by looking at the pictures below. It is really easy to confuse a vacuflo style low voltage pin with electric direct connect high voltage pins, so be careful when you are trying to distinguish between the two. Electric direct connect pins are located in the same position as the vacuflo pins, but they are slightly closer together and are used as a source of high voltage electricity to power your electric power nozzle.

If you have universal style inlets you can basically replace your current hose with a hose from any manufacturer on the market. All of the different types of hoses will work with universal inlet valves (besides the vaculflo style hose for the proprietary valve).

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vacuflo turbogrip hose 30 ft Vacuflo 30 ft. Pigtail Electric Hose
List Price: $289.95
Direct Price: $248.58
Save $41.37!
low voltage central vacuum hose 50 50 Ft. Low Voltage Central Vacuum Hose With On/Off Switch
List Price: $214.99
Direct Price: $187.63
Save $27.36!
Vacuflo 35 ft. 8870-35GY Vacuflo 35 ft. 8870-35GY
List Price: $189.95
Direct Price: $185.00
Save $4.95!
30 ft central direct connect vacuum hose 30 Ft. Electric Central Vacuum Hose w/ 3 Way Switch - Direct Connect
List Price: $219.99
Direct Price: $179.33
Save $40.66!
vacuflo turbogrip hose 35 ft VacuFlo 35 ft. Turbogrip Low Voltage Hose with prongs
List Price: $199.95
Direct Price: $175.00
Save $24.95!