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Here you can shop for the largest selection of vacuflo parts online. Central Vacuum direct carries the largest selection of vacuflo motors, hoses, vacuflo turbocat parts, & more.

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As with any major appliance in a home that goes through almost daily use, even a central vacuum will require some maintenance and you may need to purchase some parts along the way. Vacuflo parts are distributed by the manufacturer, HP products, in order to ensure that you can fix anything wrong with their built-in vacuum power units or any of their corresponding attachment sets & power nozzles. There are parts available for almost every vacuflo product available, and most can be fixed if the repair person is somewhat handy.

The parts that are going to be available for the power unit include the motor, printed circuit board, all gaskets & seals, miscellaneous springs and wiring, dustbins, & other gaskets that seal the machine. The motor is the most expensive part in your vacuflo power unit, as it provides all of the suction and strength of the whole entire system. Often times you can tell if you need to replace this part if the unit is not turning on, or if there is a burning smell coming from the machine. This burning smell signifies that the motor has gone extreme electrical damage, and needs to be replaced. Other parts that are often replaced on the power unit include the PC board and protective circuit breaker.

The Vacuflo circuit board controls the electronics of your built-in vacuum unit, and can undergo significant damage due to static from thunderstorms, and power surges from lightning strikes. Luckily it is very easy to replace these pc boards and it can be done in under an hour by a moderately handy person. The circuit breaker on the machine may also undergo damage in an electrical event, and can easily be replaced and switched out.

The vacuflo parts for your power head are going to be a little harder to replace but are available online. These parts include the motor and other electrical parts for an electric power head, brush rolls, belts, & other miscellaneous repair items that tend to break after long usage. It is a lot more cost efficient to replace these parts than purchase a new power head, but this may be refuted by the fact that you dont have a warranty to cover the replacement parts. The turbocat was a very popular model of power head and the parts are one of the most common things sold in vacuum stores. The only parts that tend to wear out on these turbocat power heads include the belt, brushroll, and sometimes the turbine system which provides the power to turn the brush roll.

If you are searching for any other particular part for a vacuflo systems or any other piece of equipment manufactured by HP products feel free to contact us at our toll free number above. Although we try our best to have every part listed online, it can sometimes be a daunting task to see if we have covered everything!

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motor complete 10.9048-314 Motor Complete
List Price: $149.95
Direct Price: $129.95
Save $20.00!
CT12DXL brush roll Brushroll assembly CT12DX brush roll
List Price: $94.11
Direct Price: $100.80
centec cpb100s motor Motor & Circuit Breaker Assembly
List Price: $99.95
Direct Price: $89.95
Save $10.00!
qdc neck assembly 10.7028-302 QDC Neck Assembly
List Price: $99.95
Direct Price: $72.95
Save $27.00!
cover black 10.9048-318 Cover Black
Direct Price: $69.95
zuum brush roll 10.9048-302 Zuum ECP800E Brush Roll
List Price: $99.95
Direct Price: $59.95
Save $40.00!
cen-tec cpb100s agitator assembly CPB-100 Agitator Assembly
List Price: $59.99
Direct Price: $45.93
Save $14.06!