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Starting in 1955, Vacuflo central vacuum systems have provided consumers with whole-house cleaning power and convenience. The most trusted name in central vacuums, Vacuflo is a leader in more central vacuum innovations than anyone else in the industry. Central vacuum Direct carries Vacuflo parts and accessories. Call if you have any questions.

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VacuFlo is one of the few companies that utilize a cyclonic system in their central vacuums rather than the other method of using a bagged/filtered option. The cyclonic system uses centrifugal force to spin the dirt, as this dirt is spun in the canister, air pressure forces the majority of large and small dust particles into the retention canister. The remaining smaller dust and dirt particles are exhausted outside of the house and away from any living spaces. The advantages of such a system include a constant suction pressure that will not vary as much as the canister is filled with dust and other particles. Disadvantages include the 3-5% of dust and dirt particles that are exhausted through the motor and out of the exhaust port. Over prolonged periods of time this dust and dirt flowing through the motor may have an adverse effect and may cause damage. Other disadvantages of going with a VacuFlo system may include the installation of valves that are specific to this manufacturer. With these custom valves, you are only able to use a VacuFlo central vacuum hose and are limited in what you can use as replacement products. When using universal valves you can use a wider range of attachment sets & accessories.

The attachment sets that are commonly paired with these systems include the Vacuflo turbocat, & other sets which include an electric power head. The turbocat uses the suction of the vacuum to power an internal turbine, which in turn spins your brushroll. While using this suction powered system is not usually seen as the best way to clean your high & medium pile carpets, it is still effective when using it with homes that only have a limited amount of carpeting with the majority of their flooring being hardwood or tile. If at least 30 percent of your home is carpeted, it is always recommended to go with an attachment set that include an electric power head which is run by your high voltage electricity. When you pair the suction of your power unit with the cleaning power of an electric power nozzle, it can clean almost 4-6 times better than the leading upright or canister. The current electric packages that are offered by HP Products are very high quality, with the majority of the parts being manufactured in Germany. Other Vacuflo accessories that homeowners usually purchase with their systems include a hardwood floor brush & various attachments such as the dusting brush to clean more efficiently. These accessories can be purchased in all inclusive kits that have everything you need to start cleaning your home today!

Vacuflo manufactures a variety of different power units that are designed to be used with different sized homes & offices. The Vacuflo prices vary on which model you go with, but tend to go up in price as the machine gets more powerful. The different units utilize motors that have different specifications in terms of airwatts, water lift, & airflow. It is the manipulation of these different specifications which make one central vac better than another for different homes. Larger homes should use more powerful motors, as these motors will supply the needed power to suction up dirt, dust, & allergens throughout the long runs of pipe and into the built in vacuum. Some of the most popular power units they have sold include the Vacuflo 566q which is designed for homes up to 8,000 sq. ft. and has an sealed vacuum lift of 135. This unit has a quiet performance package and is extremely powerful in terms of the suction ratings & specifications it has. Although a unit may be rated up to a certain amount of square footage, this does not necessarily mean that it is the best and most efficient for your home. A general rule of thumb in the industry is to take the square footage of your home and double it, then use a central vacuum that is rated up to that amount. For example, the Vacuflo 466q is rated up to 5000 sq.ft. but should only be used in homes that have a maximum of 2000-3000 sq. ft. This ensures that you are getting proper suction at every outlet in your home.

There is a limited amount of things that can go wrong on a central vac, and for that reason you do not see a lot of Vacuflo parts that need to replaced over time. The construction of the canister is rather simple and only includes a few electrical components. These electrical components include the motor, the printed circuit board, and the circuit breakers which protect the electrical system. The motor is the most vital part of your unit and should be protected. You will need to change out the filters that protect these motors at least once a year in order to maintain the highest cleaning efficiency and life of the built-in vacuum. Other parts that may need to be replaced include the parts on your power nozzle, turbocat, or other smaller parts that are integrated within the hose or miscellaneous attachments. Fortunately you can find all of these in our database. When you do the repair work and fix your system, you save a lot more money.

When your researching different central vacuums you should also go through and see what the experts think and read different Vacuflo central vacuum reviews that we have published. These reviews will give you an in depth look at the different machines and how they stand up against the competition. They will also list the pros and cons of the machines and why they are or are not suited for your household. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at our toll free number above.