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Honeywell Central Vacuum Kits

Honeywell central vacuums are high quality units. There available for any size home as well as for every budget. Trust Honeywell for all your household appliance needs.

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honeywell 4bh503 central vacuum
Honeywell 4BH503 Central Vacuum
List Price: $539.99
Direct Price: $351.00
Save $188.99!

The Honeywell 4BH-503 cleans homes up to 3,500 square feet. It is part of the Quiet Clean Series of central vacuums from Honeywell. The optional air intake allows for easier installation. This system utilizes a permanent self cleaning system so there's no need to purchase filters or bags. The 4BH-503 has a front mounted utility valve for garage and vehicle cleaning.
honeywell 4bh703
Honeywell 4BH703 Central Vacuum
List Price: $724.00
Direct Price: $394.00
Save $330.00!

The Honeywell 4BH703 is a powerful choice for homes ranging from 7,000 to 8,000 square feet. It includes a free exhaust muffler and mounting bracket. Honeywell central vacuum systems deliver 100% filtration when vented outside so your system is quiet and helps improve the air quality of your home.  A good value, the Honeywell 4BH703 is the system most home owners choose.
honeywell 4bh750 central vacuum
Honeywell 4BH750 Central Vacuum
List Price: $759.00
Direct Price: $495.95
Save $263.05!

The new style Honeywell 4BH750 uses a sophisticated control system that’s American made. It has a high powered, 2-stage/speed motor protected by slow start feature so it will last longer. A bi-directional intake on either the left or the right allows the Honeywell 4BH750 central vacuum system to be installed anywhere. Loaded with great features this high powered unit is the newest addition to Honeywell's already excellent line of central vacuums.
honeywell 4bh803 central vacuum
Honeywell 4BH803 Central Vacuum
List Price: $929.99
Direct Price: $497.95
Save $432.04!

With its up to 12,000 square foot cleaning capabilities the Honeywell 4BH803 is one of Honeywell's top performers. Easy to use, this unit is built to last. The permanent filter allows you to save money on costly bags over the years. Other features include: 7 gallon collection, motor protection, and& bi-directional hook-up. The Honeywell 4BH803 is the standard in central vacuum power units.
honeywell 4bh902 central vacuum
Honeywell 4BH902 Central Vacuum
List Price: $1,029.99
Direct Price: $539.95
Save $490.04!

The Honeywell 4BH902 includes low-voltage speaker-style wire connectors (for turning the unit on and off remotely).  A detachable 6 foot power cord to hook up the unit in any location. The Honeywell 4BH902 central vacuum unit cleans homes up to 15,000 square feet in size and when vented outside can remove 100% of dust and allergens.
honeywell 4bh403 central vacuum
Honeywell 4BH403 Central Vacuum
List Price: $425.00
Direct Price: $29,700.00

Honeywell’s entry level central vacuum is designed to clean homes or apartments up to 3,000 square feet in size. The Honeywell 4BH403 utilizes a new high powered air watt motor that has up to 25% more cleaning power. The Honeywell 4BH403 uses a permanent self-cleaning filter that’s self-shedding and maintenance free so it eliminates the need to replace filters saving you time and money.