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Keeping your garage as clean as your house can sometimes be a challenge. We offer complete central vacuum systems that are designed for use not only in your main living areas but also with additional spaces like garages and workshops. There are also many different add-on kits available that are simple to use and can connect to your new or existing central vacuum unit with ease to help increase your overall cleaning ability.
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BEAM Serenity Series SC300 Complete System BEAM Serenity Series SC300 (Complete System)

Build your own central vacuum system!

The BEAM Serenity Series SC300 compact central vacuum is perfect for customers that demand power but are limited on space. This unit is rated for homes of up to 8,000 square feet in size and has 650 air watts of power, all while backed by a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

List Price: $699.95
Direct Price: $629.95
Save $70.00!
Cana-Vac Ethos C-425 Cana-Vac Ethos C-425 Central Vacuum (Complete System)

The quiet Ethos Series Cana-Vac ES-425 bagless model can clean homes up to 3,500 square feet and may be used bagged or bagless. This 120V power unit delivers a hearty 550 air watts of power and packs a punch on a budget. Rest assured with its 5 year/lifetime warranty.

List Price: $399.99
Direct Price: $349.95
Save $50.04!
Central Vacuum Outside Venting Kit Central Vacuum Outside Venting Kit

Outside venting kit for central vacuum systems. This outdoor venting kit comes with everything that you'll need to get your central vacuum system exhausted outside, making the air in your home as clean as can be.

List Price: $26.95
Direct Price: $19.95
Save $7.00!
deluxe garage 40 foot hose kit Deluxe Garage and Car Care Kit With 40 Foot Hose

This deluxe garage cleaning kit with extra long 40' hose lets you clean in a breeze. Featuring a extra long 40' hose, 12" floor tool with wands, and premium cleaning tools this kit gives you the only help in the garage you'll need.

List Price: $149.95
Direct Price: $129.95
Save $20.00!
Dirt Devil CV1500 for RV and Yacht Package Dirt Devil CV1500 for RV and Yacht Package

Clean your Garage, RV, Yacht, or Boat from floor to ceiling with a powerful Dirt Devil Central Vacuum system. Captures dirt and debris in a central canister, keeping your RV cleaner and fresher. All necessary tools included. Space-saving design is ideal for the limited space of RV's and Boats! Five year warranty!

List Price: $429.95
Direct Price: $329.95
Save $100.00!
doc-it all Doc IT All

The Doc IT All is an all-in-one self contained central vacuum system. This is one of the most innovative product to come along in years! Simply install between two studs, plug in, and vacuum. The motor is in the bottom and the hose retracts electronically right into the wall. Choose your accessory kit to customize your clean. Available from Central Vacuum Direct.

List Price: $1,469.95
Direct Price: $1,299.95
Save $170.00!
Ecopure 245-ECP Central Vacuum (Complete System) Ecopure 245-ECP Central Vacuum (Complete System)

Build your own custom central vacuum system at!

The Ecopure 245-ECP central vacuum is the perfect unit for spaces up to 4000 ft2 in size. Its all steel body and commercial central vacuum motor make it a reliable choice for smaller homes or businesses that require a powerful vacuum that's quiet as well as economical.

Ecopure brand central vacuums are manufactured by Cana-Vac exclusively for us here at!

List Price: $499.95
Direct Price: $399.95
Save $100.00!
Garage & Basement Attachment Kit [060818] Garage & Basement Attachment Kit [060818]

This central vacuum garage and basement attachment kit is meant to hold up to the most demanding cleaning jobs. All of the parts are made from heavy duty and durable materials ensuring that this set is built to last.

List Price: $179.95
Direct Price: $151.95
Save $28.00!
Vroom Solo ultimate garage Kit Vroom Garage Vacuum System

The ultimate all in one garage vacuum cleaning system is finally here! The Vroom Garage vacuum system includes everything you need to install a Vroom system in your garage. You get a powerful FC25 cyclonic vacuum system, a generous 24 foot hose, brackets and hardware for ceiling mounting, plus all the tools and accessories you'll need to glean your garage and car. Get yours today from Central Vacuum Direct.

List Price: $699.95
Direct Price: $599.95
Save $100.00!
Vroom Retract Vac Garage Kit Vroom Retract Vac 40'

Clean your garage in style with the easiest and most efficient garage cleaning system. The Vroom Retract Vac is a retractable central vacuum kit for garage cleaning. With its 40 foot retractable hose you'll never worry about having to put the hose away again. This is a must have for owners of central vacuum systems and can be used in new and pre-existing systems.

List Price: $319.00
Direct Price: $270.95
Save $48.05!