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Power Star Complete Systems

Not sure which model of Power Star central vacuum to get? Select your system by square footage instead! A good rule of thumb to ensure that you get a system that has enough power is to purchase a unit that is recommended for twice the total square footage of your home. Doing this will provide you with excellent suction from point A to Z while also accommodating for basements and other spaces in your home and will be able to handle any potential additions in the future.

How To Build Your Custom Central Vacuum System:
  1. Select your preferred model of central vacuum power unit based on the square footage of your home.
  2. Add your determined number of valve kits, with or without pipe. You'll want one valve for about every 675 ft2 of coverage.
  3. Add a vacpan kit to make kitchen clean-ups a breeze and to get the most out of your new system.
  4. If you're going to be venting outside, make your life easier and get an outside vent kit.
  5. Choose an attachment set based on your flooring type and needed hose length and protect your walls and furniture by picking up a hose sock to complete the set.
  6. Add a garage cleaning kit to utilize your central vacuum system to the fullest.

Do you have questions about which central vacuum system is right for you?
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