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It's time to clean the garage and cars! Don't use the house hose in the garage, the hose will pick up some of the dirt from the garage floor and it will be brought into the house and rubbed into the carpeting. Here's where you will find cleaning kits with all the necessary attachments to clean your car and garage efficiently with the right tools. Weather it's a one, two, three, four, or five car garage Central Vacuum Direct has the right tool kit for you. Feel free to call us at (855)649-7996 if you have any questions about which central vacuum garage cleaning kit is best for you.
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premium garage kit Premium Garage Central Vacuum Kit with 50FT Hose

Clean your garage and car easily with this premium garage cleaning kit. Includes a long 50' lightweight crush proof hose and all the tools you'll need to clean up in no time.

List Price: $179.95
Direct Price: $129.95
Save $50.00!
standard 30 foot hose garage kit Standard Garage Kit With 30FT Hose

Our most popular garage kit. Get your car, garage or work-space cleaned with the Standard Garage Kit. With its 30 foot hose and standard attachments cleanup will be a cinch. Available from Central Vacuum Direct.

List Price: $129.95
Direct Price: $73.95
Save $56.00!
garage and basement kit Garage and Basement Floor Kit

This Heavy Duty garage & basement cleaning kit is a true work horse that can tackle the toughest jobs. Featuring a extra thick and strong hose, super wide 20" floor tool, rugged metal telescopic wand, and premium cleaning tools this kit is designed to deliver.

List Price: $179.95
Direct Price: $151.95
Save $28.00!
deluxe garage 40 foot hose kit Deluxe Garage and Car Care Kit With 40 Foot Hose

This deluxe garage cleaning kit with extra long 40' hose lets you clean in a breeze. Featuring a extra long 40' hose, 12" floor tool with wands, and premium cleaning tools this kit gives you the only help in the garage you'll need.

List Price: $149.95
Direct Price: $129.95
Save $20.00!
Vroom Central 18" Hose Management System Vroom Central 18 foot Hose Management System

From cat litter to the babies first spill you can pick it all up with the Vroom hose management system. Vacuum lint off your cloths before leaving your home or clean the interior of your car like you're at the car wash with Vroom's optional tools and attachment sets. Simply mount the vroom in any area you clean frequently, connect to your central vacuum pipe, and you'll have 18 feet of on-demand vacuuming.  Vroom is the total all in one cleaning solution.

List Price: $159.95
Direct Price: $104.95
Save $55.00!
Vroom Solo ultimate garage Kit Vroom Garage Vacuum System

The ultimate all in one garage vacuum cleaning system is finally here! The Vroom Garage vacuum system includes everything you need to install a Vroom system in your garage. You get a powerful FC25 cyclonic vacuum system, a generous 24 foot hose, brackets and hardware for ceiling mounting, plus all the tools and accessories you'll need to glean your garage and car. Get yours today from Central Vacuum Direct.

List Price: $699.95
Direct Price: $599.95
Save $100.00!
Vroom Retract Vac Garage Kit Vroom Retract Vac 40'

Clean your garage in style with the easiest and most efficient garage cleaning system. The Vroom Retract Vac is a retractable central vacuum kit for garage cleaning. With its 40 foot retractable hose you'll never worry about having to put the hose away again. This is a must have for owners of central vacuum systems and can be used in new and pre-existing systems.

List Price: $319.00
Direct Price: $270.00
Save $49.00!