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Turbo Classic Attachment Set kit284b Canavac ES-525  Turbo Package Cen-Tec CT10 with Wand and 30 FT DC Hose 91024
Turbo Classic Attachment Set kit284b
List Price: $268.87
Direct Price: $229.95
Save $38.92!
Canavac ES-525 Turbo Package
Direct Price: $1,099.95
Deal of the Day Price: $599.95
Save $500.00!
Cen-Tec CT10 with Wand and 30 FT DC Hose 91024
List Price: $289.00
Direct Price: $265.95
Save $23.05!
Canavac E-425  Turbo Package Sebo Ultimate Power Team Canavac ES-525 Power Essentials Package
Canavac E-425 Turbo Package
Direct Price: $899.95
Sale Price: $499.95
Save $400.00!
Sebo Ultimate Power Team
List Price: $699.95
Direct Price: $599.95
Save $100.00!
Canavac ES-525 Package
Direct Price: $1,099.95
Deal of the Day Price: $599.95
Save $500.00!

Central Vacuum Direct

A built-in cleaning system can be a large investment, but don't be afraid of the challenges that are associated with picking one out properly for your home. The benefits of owning one highly outweigh the costs when you compare the cleaner lifestyle you will be living. At Central Vacuum Direct we try our hardest to offer the largest selection of cleaning tools and accessories for your home, boat, RV, and businesses. Keeping a clean and healthy environment should be one of your biggest concerns for you and your family. Central vacuum systems help keep your living and working spaces free of dirt, dust, & allergens by providing you with a superior way of removing and capturing all these harmful particlulates. CVD carries the widest range of the tools you will need to properly clean your home and maintain this healthy space.

When you start to look at the benefits of a central vac, you have to look at all the different parts that associated with its installation & use. Getting familiar with the systems should be your number one priority when you're starting the research process. First you should know the beneficial aspects versus other cleaning methods (i.e. uprights and canisters). When you compare a whole house vacuum to standard uprights and canisters you first notice the difference in the suction power of the unit itself. A central vacuum power unit will have almost 3-4 times the suction as any basic household vacuum. This extra cleaning power makes sure that the maximum amount of harmful dirt is removed from your carpets and surrounding surfaces. The fact that most power units are usually located in the garage or in a utility room far from the living spaces assures the homeowner that all of this debris is far away from the living space.

The benefits of owning a whole house vacuum do not end there, the ease of use is a huge factor most homeowners in their consideration. When you install a whole system, you strategically incorporate inlet valves in the places that are most convenient. These inlet valves are connected to the central vacuum through long lengths of pipe. Having these inlet valves throughout the home relieves you of lugging your heavy upright or canister up and down the stairs. All you have to do with your built in vacuum is find the nearest central vacuum hose and attach it to these valves. With up to 50 ft. in length, these lightweight and durable hoses can clean anywhere. Most of them have a lot of built in features enabling you to shut the power unit on and off or giving you notices of the efficiency of the unit itself.

One of the most important aspects of your new system though will be the central vacuum accessories and central vacuum attachment set that you choose. The attachment set includes the hose, power head, and all the other accessories that are used to clean the home in varying ways. For instance, if you have limited carpeting and a disproportionate amount of hardwood and other hard surface floors, you should always go with an air powered attachment set. These sets utilize the suction velocity from the power unit to spin the brushroll in the power head. As the air travels through the turbine it creates a moving axle which is used to power your brush roll. Since homeowners with a small amount of carpeted are in no need of an electric power nozzle, this is the preferred Set. If the majority of floors in your home have carpets then you will need a completely different attachment set to suit your needs. An electric set will include a central vac hose and electric power nozzle. This power nozzle is driven by a motor at a higher rotations per minute than the air powered one. This enables it to clean deeper and more efficient, exactly what you'll need it for on those low and high carpets.

Finally you should always consider the central vacuum brands that you are going to purchase. This decision could mean the difference between purchasing a unit that will last you a lifetime, or break down on you within three to six years. There are certain companies that have been around for a long time, and have a great reputation in the industry. Manufacturers such as Beam, Vacuflo, Electrolux, Nutone and others have stood this test of time, and therefore have gained the respect to be held as some of the best on the market. A Beam central vacuum might be considered the only choice to many people, as their name is synonymous with a long lasting product that is backed with a great warranty. Others may prefer a NuTone central vacuum simply because they are more cost efficient and are therefore not a big deal to replace if the unit goes bad. With whatever unit you choose though, you should always go with a manufacturer that's going to provide you with the best product and support. If you ever need to find parts for your unit, you should be confident that they will be easily accessible to you as a consumer. This way you can fix your unit down the road if something is to ever happen.

If you'd like to find other information regarding central vacuums, visit our help and information page as well as our central vacuum parts page. We have dedicated a long time into thoroughly reviewing and rating different power units and brands, so that you can benefit from our knowledge. We also try to keep an extensive listing on how you can fix your built in system, and do a central vacuum repair yourself. when you have the knowledge to do this you can save yourself the hassle and money of calling a service technician in to do the job.

Once again, thank you for visit our site.