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Duovac Power Units

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Duovac Air 10 Power Unit Duovac Air 10 (Power Unit Only)

Despite its smaller size, the Air 10 comes with great power and all of the advantages that Duovac's central vacuum systems have to offer.

List Price: $749.00
Direct Price: $699.00
Save $50.00!
Duovac Air 50 Power Unit Duovac Air 50 (Power Unit Only)

The legend is real! The Air 50 proves that a central vacuum system can be both large and discreet, at the same time! With its patented technology, this unit is the quietest in its category. An advantage only Duovac can offer!

List Price: $1,299.00
Direct Price: $1,199.00
Save $100.00!
Duovac Asteria Power Unit Duovac Asteria (Power Unit Only)

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Duovac has created the most remarkable central vacuum system on the market. The Asteria is powerful and tough yet elegant!

List Price: $889.00
Direct Price: $799.00
Save $90.00!
Duovac Distinction Power Unit Duovac Distinction (Power Unit Only)

It's all about the power! The Distinction is built with two motors to deliver the strongest cleaning performance on the market. Dust doesn't stand a chance.

List Price: $1,449.00
Direct Price: $1,349.00
Save $100.00!
Duovac Sensa Power Unit Duovac Sensa (Power Unit Only)

Designed to give you more, the Sensa unites performance and ability in a compact and innovative central vacuum system. An intelligent design with extraordinary results!

List Price: $799.00
Direct Price: $749.00
Save $50.00!
Duovac Simplici-T Power Unit Duovac Simplici-T (Power Unit Only)

A central vacuum system in its simplest form. Practical, compact and quiet, the Simplici-T is a small-sized wonder that works with a disposable filtration bag.

List Price: $499.00
Direct Price: $449.00
Save $50.00!
Duovac Star Power Unit Duovac Star (Power Unit Only)

Designed based on proven technology, the all-powerful Star represents Duovac's best overall value. Remarkably efficient, the Star is surprisingly quiet and very powerful.

List Price: $859.00
Direct Price: $779.00
Save $80.00!
Duovac Symphonia Power Unit Duovac Symphonia (Power Unit Only)

The Symphonia is a classic model that has been a great success to Duovac for many years. A durable technology and renowned efficiency have given this model an indestructible reputation.

List Price: $849.00
Direct Price: $769.00
Save $80.00!
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