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BEAM Advocate Powerhead BEAM Aero III/Butler/Classic Powerhead BEAM Imperial Powerhead
BEAM Q100 Powerhead BEAM RugMaster Powerhead BEAM Serenity Powerhead
BEAM Solaire Powerhead BM1365 Powerhead BM1386 Powerhead
EBK340 Powerhead EBK360 Powerhead EBK360 Powerhead (Cana-Vac)
Electrolux EL11A Powerhead Electrolux EL7, EL10, EL12, EL13A, ELUX1600 Powerhead Electrolux EXL103A Powerhead
Eureka E1403EZS Powerhead Eureka ECP700E/ECP750E Powerhead Eureka EL101A Powerhead
Filtex MS1199 Powerhead Frigidaire BM1393 Powerhead Eureka CV190A Powerhead
Eureka CV205 Powerhead NuTone CT600 Powerhead PB14 Powerhead

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