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Central Vacuum Whole Kits

Central Vacuum Direct makes it easy to choose a whole kit central vacuum system for your home. Pick a central vacuum attachment set, it can be any one of the listed brands, CanaVac, Beam, Nutone, ect. Then select the amount of tubing and valves required for the job. You get everything you need to start enjoying the benefits of a central vacuum system in your home.

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Installing a central vacuum can be a hard task if not properly equipped with all the correct products. Central vacuum direct produces made to order installation kits for any size home or business. You are able to customize the power unit, valve color, and optional accessories you may want to help aid in cleaning your home. All kits come with everything you need to correctly install your system within a weekend. Rule of thumb: Your home will need approximately one inlet valve for every 650 sq. ft.

The central vacuum kit is designed as an all inclusive solution for installing a system within a home. Rather than purchasing the individual fittings, pipe, power unit, glue, and other products needed they are bundled into a package that is ready to install. This way you don?t need to worry about whether or not your ordered enough pipe, fittings, etc.

The power unit is what creates the suction for the system and enables the homeowner to clean the household. When choosing a brand it is important to consider the strength of the motor, suction power, and warranty on the machine. Brands like Canavac and Beam offer long lasting warranties and high quality manufacturing.

Another component of the kit is the attachment set. The attachment set consist of the central vacuum hose, extension wand, power head, & accessories. When choosing the proper kit for your home you want to take into consideration how much carpet there is compared to hard surfaces. Residential homes use an electric power head with a brush roll 95% of the time. Other types of buildings such as warehouses are able to use optional kits such as the bare floor kit.

Other optional components included in a kit are the central vacuum accessories. These add ons provide better usability of the system and increase the efficiency of cleaning. An example of such accessory is a vacpan. A vacpan is installed in the base of a cabinet or in the molding at the base of a floor. With the flip of a switch on the vacpan your able to sweep dust and debris into it, sending it to the dust collection chamber within the power unit.

If you have any questions regarding these all inclusive central vacuum kits, please feel free to contact us at our toll free number. Our VDTA certified technicians will be able to help you plan out your system with ease.

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vacumaid s3600 central vacuum VacuMaid S3600 Central Vacuum
List Price: $1,999.95
Direct Price: $1,799.95
Save $200.00!
vacuflo 960 central vacuum Vacuflo 960 Central Vacuum
Direct Price: $1,649.00
Not Available Online
vacumaid p400 central vacuum VacuMaid P400
List Price: $1,699.95
Direct Price: $1,499.95
Save $200.00!
Canavac XLS-970 Soft Clean Complete Kit Canavac XLS-970 Soft Clean Special Edition Complete Kit
List Price: $1,739.94
Direct Price: $1,344.95
Save $394.99!
vacumaid S2700 central vacuum VacuMaid S2700 Central Vacuum
List Price: $1,449.95
Direct Price: $1,249.95
Save $200.00!
vacumaid SR64 central vacuum VacuMaid SR64 Central Vacuum
List Price: $1,299.95
Direct Price: $1,199.95
Save $100.00!
vacumaid s2600 central vacuum VacuMaid S2600 Central Vacuum
List Price: $1,299.95
Direct Price: $1,199.95
Save $100.00!
Beam Alliance Series Model 700TC central vacuum unit Beam Alliance Series Model 700TC
List Price: $1,365.00
Direct Price: $1,169.99
Save $195.01!