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Central Vacuum Parts

Looking for a particular part? Often times it can be very tough to find replacement parts for your central vacuum system. We try to keep an updated inventory of central vacuum unit , power head, hose, & PC Board parts. If you have any trouble finding it on our site, simply give us a call toll free at our number listed above. We most likely have it in stock, or can special order any part for you!

Central Vacuum Parts

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Find all the things you need fast for your central vacuum system today.

Trying to find a particular central vacuum part can often be a disheartening experience. Over the years a large percentage of manufacturers have gone out of business leaving no parts available for their systems. We try to carry the largest and most comprehensive inventory of parts for all central vacuum brands. If you cant find a particular part on our website, feel free to contact us at our toll free number.

The motor is a commonly replaced central vacuum part and can easily be switched out for the majority of machines. This enables you to repair your systems at a lower cost rather than replace it with a brand new one. The motor is usually located at the top of the machine and is easily accessible. With a Phillips screwdriver the top is usually removable and the homeowner can access it. If you are looking for a particular motor then just choose your brand and the corresponding models will be displayed. Choose your model and scroll down, the motor will be available for purchase.

The pc board is another common central vacuum part that often gets replaced. This printed circuit board is the brains of the machine and is in control of turning the unit on and off when a switch is pushed. These boards can sometimes short circuit due to misuse of the machine, a surge in electrical power, or improper system maintenance. We carry the largest online selection of replacement PC boards for almost every brand. You simply choose the PC board option, find your brand, then the particular model of your machine.

Other central vacuum parts that may need replacement are power head and hose parts. Over time the brush roll of your power head may wear out and may not clean effectively. The belt of the power head may also break or stretch out over time. Either way, you are able to find these replacement parts in the power head parts section.

Certain central vacuum hose parts are also available. The handle and switch assembly can easily be replaced if it is found to be the problem. If there is a short within the actual hose though it is recommended to purchase a new one. Currently there is no possible way to fix a short within the actual hose itself.

When considering the parts of your unit, you should also question its overall durability and whether or not its a better idea to replace the central vac itself. We have done a whole section on central vacuum reviews to help our customers see the difference in motors, warranty, & overall durability.