Best Central Vacuum For The Money.Canavac is a great value. Trust this brand for the very best in central vacuum systems and accessories.
Centec Power Nozzles and Attachment Sets

Centec manufactures the best central vacuum attachment sets and accessories.

Beam Builder Systems

Beam is the recognized world leader in central vacuum technology. A very old and trusted brand .

Central Vacuum Direct

A built-in cleaning system, or central vacuum is the absolute best way to clean your home. The benefits of owning one of these systems are amazing; cleaner air, a healthier home, quiet operation, more power, and less time spent cleaning . At Central Vacuum Direct we pride ourselves on offering the greatest selection of cleaning tools and accessories for your home, boat, RV, and businesses.

Need Central Vacuum Parts?


Canavac M L Value Pack 30 foot Canavac M L Value Pack 30 foot
List Price: $356.89
Direct Price: $289.95
Save $66.94!
CanaVac Power Essentials Kit Canavac Power Essentials Kit
List Price: $429.95
Direct Price: $339.99
Save $89.96!
CanaVac Signature Series LS-650 Central Vacuum Canavac Signature Series LS650 Central Vacuum
List Price: $799.99
Direct Price: $679.95
Save $120.04!
Central vacuum zip broom with floor brush Central vacuum Zip Broom with Floor Brush
List Price: $117.45
Direct Price: $64.95
Save $52.50!
Sebo Ultimate Power Team Premium Power Team with Sebo ET-2 Power Nozzle
List Price: $699.95
Direct Price: $599.95
Save $100.00!
canavac 511ls special edition package Canavac 511LS Special Edition Package
List Price: $1,699.95
Direct Price: $999.95
Save $700.00!

Why Buy A Central Vacuum System?

  • Superior air quality. All of the dust, dirt, and allergens are removed from the living area and are brought to the power unit (typically located in the garage or basement.) The dirt is contained in either a dust bin or vacuum bag for easy removal. The exhaust can even be vented to the outside.
  • Power. When done right a Central Vacuum System will provide you with significantly more power than traditional portable vacuums (canisters and uprights.) You will get 2-4 times the suction of a portable vacuum with a Central Vacuum System from us.
  • Ease of use. With a Built in Central Vacuum there's just a lightweight long hose and a brush for carpets or floors. No more pushing or pulling heavy and cumbersome vacuums around. The hose is also at a fixed length. This means the hose won't contract while in use like on most upright vacuums causing it to fall over on you thus creating an infomercial type scenario.
  • Versatility. Whatever your carpet and flooring selection is, a Central Vacuum will enable you to clean it with ease. Not all homes are the same, and cleaning needs vary from one person to the next. These systems can be tailored to meet your individual cleaning needs, whether it be Frieze carpet, ultra soft carpet, ultra plush carpet, shag carpet, or no carpet we have the attachment set for you. There are many attachments available for specialized cleaning needs as well.
  • Reliability. The warranties on the Central Vacuum Systems are anywhere from 5-15 years. We pride ourselves on selecting the best offerings from the many brands we represent such as; Beam, Canavac, Nutone, and Vacuflo just to name a few. We know and understand the cost of ownership, and failure rates of these units and recommend what we would want ourselves.
  • Value. Listing a home with a Central Vacuum System usually adds $2,500 to the homes resale value. Compared to the cost, that's a profit right off the bat. Compare that to the price of box store vacuums and how often they're replaced (and placed in landfills,) the question becomes-why don't you have a Central Vacuum System yet?

Ethos ES425 Package

This system cleans homes up to 3500 square feet. Dependable and loaded with power this central vacuum is for the home owner that wants a quality central vacuum system at a great price. Trust Central Vacuum Direct for the best prices on the newest systems from Canavac, a world leader in central vacuum technology.

ES425 Power Unit - 360 Attachment Set
Price: $569.97

Get everything in one complete package with the Canavac Ethos ES625 System.