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Power Units
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Central Vacuum Power Units

The Power Unit is the most essential part of your central vacuum system, and there is a wide range of quality within the manufacturers. When choosing a unit, you should pay attention to how many sq. ft. it is rated for, the warranty period, and the overall quality. Brands like EcoPure, Canavac, & Beam offer full metal construction and excellent warranties, while units made by Frigidaire & Eureka are more cost effective.

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Replacing a central vacuum unit in your home is as easy as ever. 99% of homes are built either using standard central vacuum pipe, or plumbing pipe. This enables the homeowner to switch out the units without having to worry about if they are compatible. If you have any doubts on if a unit will work in your home, simply contact us at our toll free number above.

There is “rule of thumb” when choosing the proper central vacuum unit to install within your home. You take the square footage of your home, double it, and then choose a power unit that is rated to that amount of sq. ft. This makes sure that the system has adequate suction throughout the residence. Failure to do this may lead to purchasing a power unit that you may not be happy with.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Aren’t all central vacuum units the same, what is the difference between brands?
A: There is a huge difference in the quality between manufacturers. Brands such as Canavac and Ecopure use a steel housing frame made to last the lifetime of the vacuum. They also use a new industrial motor rated to last 1200+ hours of use. These new motors, paired with the steel frame make for the longest lasting central vacuum unit on the market. Other brands such as Eureka and Frigidaire use a plastic casing and lower quality motors. The truth for appliances stands with central vacuums, “You get what you pay for”.

Q: Should I purchase a cyclonic or filtered central vacuum unit?

A: This question often comes up, and we always recommend going with a filtered unit. These type do not need to be exhausted to the outside of the home, and therefore can be easily mounted in a utility closet or garage. Filtered central vacuum units also do not have any amount of dust that goes through the motor. This extends the life of the system itself.

Q: Why do you recommend the CanaVac brand over others?

A: CanaVac central vacuums are the highest quality central vacuum on the market. Because these systems are meant to last so long, they are also tied with the longest lasting warranty. Larger units can come with up to a 20 year warranty.