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Honeywell Model 4B-H902

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Ametek Lamb Carbon Brushes [135044] Ametek Lamb 220V Carbon Brushes [135044]

Genuine Ametek Lamb 220V central vacuum motor carbon brushes.

List Price: $21.95
Direct Price: $20.00
Save $1.95!
Ametek Lamb Motor Ametek Lamb Motor [140415]

Genuine Ametek Lamb 240V 2-stage bypass central vacuum motor.

List Price: $249.95
Direct Price: $199.95
Save $50.00!
BEAM 14" Central Vacuum Filter Bag BEAM 14" Central Vacuum Filter Bag [110363]

Genuine BEAM 14" blue Cleanstream central vacuum filter bag.  We recommend that you replace your filter bag every three to five years to maintain optimum performance.

Direct Price: $99.95
BEAM 240V PC Board BEAM 240V PC Board [100599]

Genuine BEAM 240V PC board for two motor central vacuum units.

Direct Price: $159.95
Honeywell Atlis Intake Kit Honeywell Atlis Intake Kit [105244]

Replacement Atlis intake kit for central vacuum power units.

List Price: $14.95
Direct Price: $12.95
Save $2.00!